17 February 2011

Mid-century modern masters.

Some of you may have seen this picture before . . .

Image found here.

but I hadn't. I have to admit that when I was sent the link by my friend yesterday, I didn't recognise any of the men in the picture, although I did recognise what they were sitting on (phew).

The picture is from Playboy, July 1961, and features designers (from left to right): George Nelson, Edward Wormley, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames and Jens Rison. Once I realised what the picture was showing, I began to smile. What an amazing picture - consider who these men are, what they are sitting on, and who they are sitting for. Brilliant.

I mentioned here, that I am a recent convert to mid-century design and therefore, the article accompanying the picture proved to be really interesting reading for me. While I was preparing this post I also found a longer, more in-depth article that featured this picture and explained the history of mid-century design by focusing on the designers in the picture. Both pieces are definitely worth a read.

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