10 January 2011

It's Orla bit beautiful . . .

I was so excited to open this on Christmas Day! My sister and her partner gave me Pattern by Orla Kiely

Although it would look great on any coffee table, it really has more to offer than just its aesthetics. It's a really inspirational read - Kiely writes about how she started her business, what inspires her and her love of colour and pattern, as well as advice on how to mix and match pattern and how to create displays in your own home. 

One of my favourite sections of the book is the "Print Gallery" - 36 glossy pages showing a selection of her prints from the last 10 years - lovely!

Image from here.

There is also a section dedicated to blogs! She writes, "It's a powerful medium where directness and honesty override all else. Genuine and endlessly creative, the blogger's voice is loud and clear." This was just the thing I needed to read, to spur me on to get this thing started!

Thanks Jo and Melanie x

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