25 October 2012

The Vintage Wall

Have any of you seen The Vintage Wall? I stumbled upon it last night while I was searching for part of Astrid's birthday present - I've decided to look for decorative letters spelling out her initials. I don't want to buy the letters from only one place - in my mind different styles would be put together, producing the kind of effect shown by the word Lula here. So, in my search for vintage letters, up popped The Vintage Wall, which proved to be a treasure trove of all things vintage and beautiful.

The website has an interface quite different from others like it. You flick through the website, looking at the different "walls" that are actually pictures of delightfully arranged products showing off the company's wares. If you see something you like in a particular picture, you click on the item and you are taken to a new page where you can read more details about the product. Many of the items I clicked on were unfortunately labelled as "sold", but apparently new stock is added regularly.

Here are some of my favourite "walls".

These old filing cabinets are wonderful. I also really like the combination of the dark blue and the brown chips on the rims of the storage cannisters. 

This picture has just reminded me that David is meant to be tracking down an old printer's tray as a late part of my birthday present! There's something deeply satisfying, I think anyway, about arranging things in little compartments! 

The contrast of the magenta, blue, brown and white makes for a great arrangement in this picture. I think the chemical bottle would make a sweet little bud vase, although you'd better make sure all the ammonium hydroxide had been washed out thoroughly first!

All images from here.

Which is your favourite thing in these pictures?

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