16 July 2012

A birthday on an island.

Hello again friends! I've just got back from a relaxing week away with my family on the Isle of Wight. David and my parents organised the trip to celebrate my thirtieth birthday, which was last Thursday. We stayed in an old cottage in a little sailing village called Seaview, which was really pretty and did indeed have great views of the water.

This was our view out of the dining room window:

Not bad eh!

Even though I took this photo in one of the few times the sun shone, we still managed to have a great time. I even won Trivial Pursuit - must be getting wise in my old age! 

It was just so lovely to get away for a while, and I was utterly spoilt by my family all week - I feel very lucky.


Unknown said...

Now that is a picture perfect view! Happy birthday!

beautiful square feet said...

Thanks Anna! It was such a restful place, just a shame that on some days we couldn't even see the mainland because it was raining so hard!

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