19 March 2012

A lovely Mothers' Day.

This year we celebrated Mothers' Day over two days. David took the children and me out for lunch on Friday, which was lovely as it is a real treat that we don't get to do much these days. Looking at Torin, sitting in the seat eating his pizza and drinking his apple juice through a straw I couldn't believe how grown up he'd got. Astrid needed feeding just after we ordered our food so I decided to feed her at the table - you know, nice and discreetly. Of course she was having none of it and began screaming, so I took her into the toilets (Zizzi have really big individual toilets) to try again there, but to no avail as she continued screaming and wouldn't stop. She was teething really badly and I knew that I'd left her teething gel at home. Luckily we were in the centre of town and there was a supermarket a few doors down - so I went back to the table, took a longing look at my lovely pizza that had arrived while I was in the bathroom, put my coat on and left the restaurant with Astrid in the buggy. I clearly looked like a woman possessed, as I seemed to get a few strange looks as I pounded down the street! 

I made it back to the table not long after and Astrid, pacified by her now numb gums, fell asleep for the duration of the meal. By this time, Torin had exhausted the shelf life of the free colouring pencils he got with his meal and was getting bored - David whipped out his iPhone and we were soon on our way to enjoying our lovely meal once again (with the faint sound of Peppa Pig in the background). They say that once you've had children, nothing is ever the same again and it's true, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

On Sunday, Torin came into the living room where I was sitting after finishing feeding Astrid and said, "Mummy's flowers and massive card!" David laughed and said, "Ssh! It's a secret!" Torin then started laughing and beamed, "Quick! Hide it!" I think he was just a bit too excited to give me these lovely daffodils from our garden, and the lovely picture of our family that he'd made (with a little help from his daddy):

The different heights of the daffodils represent the four of us - sweet aren't they!

What did you get up to this weekend?

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