27 February 2012

Some bright letters from Denmark.

Gosh it's been a while hasn't it! I've just got back from a week in Kent where we all had a lovely time visiting zoos, soft play centres and making three trips to Bluewater (!) Today saw us back to earth and life with two under three with a bump today as David went back to work and I spent a whole day doing washing and putting clothes away!

Before I went, we got a lovely little package through the post from our friend in Denmark - he sent these bright letters for Astrid's room. The roundness of the base of the S and the D means that they won't stay upright on a flat surface, so they'll have to be stuck onto the wall or her door so I'm looking forward to finding a space to put them!

Thanks Mads!

I'd also like to welcome my twelfth follower Anna who writes Craftiness for Beginners - very much looking forward to reading through her blog and getting ideas for craft projects - hi Anna and thanks for following!
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