15 November 2011

Keeping a handle on it.

A few people contacted me yesterday asking for a close up of the handles we used on our new alcove cupboard. I realise that it's not very easy to see what they're like from the picture I posted, so I've included a zoomed in picture below.

I bought our handles from Rossiters in Cardifff, which is one of my favourite shops, but I think I've also seen them at Bombay Duck.

I really like to change handles on cupboards, especially if they are just plain wood to begin with  - it's such an easy and relatively cheap way to give a piece of furniture a new lease of life! 

I've put together a quick round up of some other lovely handles that have caught my attention recently for you - hope you like them!

Butterfly ceramic door knob from here.

Dove ceramic door knob from here.

White shell flower door knob from here.

White dragonfly wildlife knob from here.

Still no news on the baby front - guess my due date has come and gone. Hurry up little one!


Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

Happy Due Date Honey!

beautiful square feet said...

Thanks! :-) No arrival yet, though the midwife confirmed today that she's pretty well engaged, so all good there!

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