26 September 2011

A not so ugly bug.

I received a strangely shaped parcel over the weekend. It was a tube shape and I had no idea what it was or where it had come from until I remembered that my sister had said she was going to try and post my birthday present to me. I was then ingtrigued - I assumed it would be a piece of paper of some kind (ie. a print or poster), but I just couldn't work out what it would be. Do you do that - try to guess what a present is before you open it? I'm a bit notorious for it - I used to shake all my stocking presents before opening them at Christmas - used to drive my younger brother and sister nuts as they just wanted to rip into theirs but had to wait for me first!

Anyway, family history aside - I opened the present and found some promotional material from Ugly Bug Cartoons. I really then just couldn't figure what would possibly be in the tube!

When I pulled out the A4 sheet, I laughed out loud - this is what was inside:

My brother and sister had clubbed together and commissioned this wonderful A4 cartoon of Torin for me! Once I had got over the initial surprise, and looked at everything in the picture, I then began to cry - it was such a sweet thing to do for me, and I love it. It's a great drawing of Torin, surrounded by all of his favourite things: his toy vacuum cleaner, bubbles, Cadbury's buttons, and his watering can and spade.

I've put it on the picture shelves in our living room, and temporarily framed it like this:

It will probably stay in this frame, which was taking up space in our spare room, but I need to get a proper mount for it - at the moment I've just placed the picture of Torin over the one that was originally in the frame. I'm sure I'll give it more thought soon, but for now I just wanted to get it behind glass in order to protect it.

Torin absolutely loves it - he points to it pretty much every time he goes into the living room, and really enjoyed pointing out all of his possessions when I first opened it.

I'm so lucky to have a gift like this that I can cherish for years to come, thank you Jo and Adam.

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