18 August 2011

Decorating with Multistem.

While looking at my desk tidy the other day, it occured to me that the colour scheme for every room in my house can be created by using colours in groups of three, from Orla Kiely's multistem pattern.

Image from here.

For example, in my living room and dining room I've used olive green, red and brown. Although the walls in our bedroom are meant to be a mocha colour, they often look quite pink, and we've also used grey and brown in there. Our bathroom is grey with some brown furniture and blue accessories. In Torin's room the walls that were meant to be Dulux's Nude Glow, are quite pink in some light, and I've also used blue and green in there.

You get the picture. Once I realised that this seemed to be the case, it struck me that it was actually quite a good way to use colour in our house and to also get a cohesive look overall - I've always thought the colours in the multistem pattern go together wonderfully.

Carrying on this idea for the new nursery then, I think I've decided to keep the walls their existing colour (a little bit pink), and use chartreuse and orange (in the form of perhaps a shade of apricot) accents. What do you think? Do you think that combination would make a good room for a little girl?

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