13 July 2011

An elephant, cupcakes and a picnic in the park.

I had a lovely birthday yesterday - David took the day off and we spent a relaxing day in the park with Torin. After a lovely lie-in (a massive treat in itself), I opened my cards and presents over breakfast. David bought my present back with him from his recent trip to Denmark. It's a 15cm unique elephant from the Elephant Parade project. Mine is number 82 out of only 250 made, so it's a really special gift. It's currently sitting on the shelf above our television, and I love the pop of colour it gives to the alcove:

My mum had told me that she had arranged a surprise to be delivered to our house during the morning, so we waited for the delivery to be made before we packed up our picnic and headed for the park. When the doorbell rang, I was met by a lovely lady from a bakery in Cardiff, who gave me a box containing these delicious looking (and tasting!) cupcakes:

We split one of these between the 3 of us straight away, added some of the others to our picnic hamper and then set off for Bute park in the city centre. The park was really quiet, and they'd just cut the grass, so we had a really lovely time just by ourselves - messing around taking photos, playing football and pointing at aeroplanes (Torin mainly!):

Now a whole year to wait until it's my birthday again, and it's a big one next time - gosh, that's going to be strange!

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