12 April 2011

How we use our rooms and other stories.

Image from here.

The other day David and I were thinking about our house and wondering how it had been lived in since it was built way back in 1900. What type of people had lived there? Could Torin be the first child to grow up in it? How has the layout of the rooms changed?

By coincidence, I stumbled upon this article on the BBC News website today. It begins by asking how many rooms there are in our house, and then goes on to explore how the British have used the different rooms in their homes for different purposes over the years. It seems that the living room is ripe for extinction as people can no longer afford the luxury of a room with relaxation as its sole purpose. 

The idea is also going to be looked at in a new BBC series called "If Walls Could Talk", which begins tomorrow on BBC4 at 9pm.

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