7 March 2011

My home: an introduction.

In this mini-series, I'm going to share a selection of my favourite things from each room in our house. Hopefully these posts will provide you with a little insight into my style, and give you a peek into what our house is like.


Among my many favourite items in our bedroom, there are two that really stand out for me. These are:

My Orla Kiely duvet cover

I think I may have actually squealed when I found this duvet cover set in TK Maxx several months ago. It came with 4 pillow cases, and was being sold for almost a quarter of its RRP! I snapped it up!

The tiny stem is my favourite Orla Kiely motif, and I think it looks stunning placed in brown thread onto the matt grey background of this cover.

A few weeks after I got this set, David surprised me with another. This time, it was a brown cover with the tiny stem motif in mustard yellow - yum! I love both sets - they go really well with our Mellow Mocha walls (you can see part of our wall here), and the colours help to make our bedroom feel smartly calm.

My jewellery box

This beautiful box was my 21st birthday present from my parents. It was made in the 1820s and is made from walnut with an inset and lock in mother of pearl. Apart from the way it looks, my favourite thing about it is that when you open it fully, you can press down on a metal button and a concealed tray emerges from the bottom of the box. This tray obviously once held a heavy gentleman's watch, as there is a circular indentation in the silk lining; I now use it to hold my earrings.

I love to imagine the previous owners of a piece like this - was it passed down in a line of gentlemen with important jobs and heavy watches? Or was it once the 21st birthday present of a Regency debutant? 

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