15 March 2011

A beautiful wedding at a beautiful house.

Sorry for yesterday's lack of post . . . we were at our friends' wedding in Somerset. Mr and Mrs Connolly got married on Sunday, at Halswell House near Bridgwater. 

Most of this fantastic Grade 1 listed building dates back to 1689, but part of it can be traced back to medieval times - it oozed history at every turn. I spent a lot of my time there imagining what it would have been like to have lived there when the house was in its original prime - taking afternoon tea on the ornamental lawn, or picking out dresses for the Season. Actually, knowing my luck I'd probably have been downstairs, in service!

David, Torin and I stayed in one of the family suites - the Boudoir, which was very grand. I took some pictures of our room so you could see exactly how stately it was:

The sign on our bedroom door.

The fireplace in our room.

Our bed (very comfy btw).

Some mirror eh!

One of two massive windows in our room, over-looking this view:

Very tranquil.

This massive tapestry was hanging on the wall in our room, above a really ornate dressing table.

15th century IKEA?

Isn't it funny how such a new object can fit in so well in such old surroundings!

I also wandered around the rest of the house and took some pictures of other wonderful objects before we left on Monday morning:

A manificent chandelier that looked like it was made from amber.

This wonderful hearth was in a room being used as a corridor!

This beautifully ornate ceiling was in the room where breakfast was served.

I don't know if it was an original or reproduction, but this birdcage was beautiful.

I'm still exhausted from our few days away, but a good time was had by all. As I said, it was a beautiful wedding in a beautiful house, and I wish Alex and Mark a very long and happy future together.


Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

Wow, that suite looks wonderfully large and luxurious! Hope you had an amazing weekend and enjoyed the sunshine yesterday too.

David said...

I'm still amazed they let proletariat commoners such as ourselves stay in that room!

beautiful square feet said...

BPC - it was huge! We were really lucky - they put us in that room because they knew we were bringing Torin with us! We had a great time thanks - a lovely setting in which to watch close friends tie the knot!

D - I know! Glad we didn't break anything!

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