1 February 2011

Shopping in Cardiff.

Sorry for my absence yesterday - we spent the day in Cardiff with David's mother, as it was her birthday. After having yummy Mexican food for lunch, we went for a browse around the shops. Here's what I found:

I remember seeing pictures of the Lock kids' interlocking table and chair set from Habitat a while ago, but I'd never seen one in a shop before. Walking past Habitat yesterday however, I saw this beautiful piece in the window, and in the sale for half price!

Image from here.

Not only does this table and chair set look great, it is so practical too, as it slots together to form a neat cube  -such a good idea for families with limited space:

Image from here.

We gave Torin a table and chair for Christmas this year - it sits in our living room, here:

He loves it - as soon as he unwrapped it, he knew it was for him, and promptly sat on the chair, dangling his legs. It's the LACK side table, and the SVALA children's chair from IKEA - a budget option, but we're quite happy with it. It looks very sweet, goes well enough with the decor in our room, and at such a low price, it really doesn't matter if it gets felt pen (or Weetabix!) all over it.

I have to admit though, if I'd seen the Habitat set at the sale price before we bought the IKEA set, I may have succumbed!

I can't go without showing you the other thing I found while in Monsoon:

- this gorgeous red chiffon dress - so pretty!

And no, I didn't buy that either!

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