15 February 2011

Never judge a book by its colour.

Our house is getting a bit overrun by books. Although most of them are on shelves (most), I'm finding that they make the rooms feel cluttered, and something definitely needs to be done. Before I began writing this post, I wondered about the possibility of sorting the books in my dining room according to colour. This is what the area looks like (sorry for the grainy photo - it's been dismal weather here this morning):

Ugh, those shelves - I really wish we'd got a carpenter to make fitted shelves in this alcove. Instead we went with the cheaper option (we have shelves in all 4 alcoves in our living room and dining room) and fitted floating shelves ourselves. I don't think they look too bad, but fitted shelves would have looked neater and more authentic.

I've spent a while getting inspired by pretty pictures of colour-coded bookshelves like the ones below.

Anna's books in her dining room at Door Sixteen:

Lovely, neat piles at HomeShoppingSpy:

Ordered shelves in Manda McGrory's living room via here:

A cute little library from Lesley:

And I think my mind is made up - I'm going to go for it. Not sure David's going to play ball with this idea (I just told him what I was planning to do, and he raised his eyebrows - a clear indication that I'm going to be forever putting books back in the "correct" place after he has plonked them on the shelf). Oh well, as long as they go on the shelf, I won't mind too much!

Stay tuned to see what my shelves look like after I've sorted them.

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