25 January 2011

Quick, neat fix in the kitchen.

For a long time, the chopping boards in our kitchen have looked like this:

As I've mentioned before, we inherited our kitchen from the previous owner, and there is no designated space for chopping boards (or much else actually!). So, the chopping boards lived there, on the work surface, next to the fridge - not ideal. I know they don't look terrible, but they were proving to be a bit of a hazard. If the wooden board at the front was in use, the others would slide down the work surface, which is dangerous - especially now Torin is walking (and running!) around the house. It is especially dangerous as this is where we put things that need to be washed up (no space for a dishwasher!). I'm sure it would have only been a matter of time before something was pushed onto the floor (or onto Torin) by the sliding chopping boards.

The problem would be solved if we could get something to put the chopping boards in - some sort of box or basket. My parents keep their magazines in a rack similar to this one, and last time we were at their house I realised that it would be perfect to house our chopping boards. I set about searching for a suitable magazine holder - the one from MUJI wasn't right for us as I wanted it to be opaque, have sides, and be cheaper!

After a few weeks of searching, I found what I was looking for in TK Maxx. Now, our chopping boards look like this:

So much better!

What do you think? What about you, where do you keep your chopping boards?

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